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Eastern Balkan – a truly region for nature & history lovers. For those who want to be fascinated by the astounding scenery of the Balkans mountains range, the tranquil of Black Sea and the mesmerizing view overlooking the seas surrounding a country of 2 continents.

Embark on a time-tunnel journey back to ancient time during the glory of Ottoman Empire and be thrilled by the legend of Count Dracula in Transylvania throughout this great Eastern Balkan road trip.

Prizren is the most beautiful city in Kosovo that will make you fall in love immediately while Sofia, among the oldest city in the world with great architectures. Veliko Tarnovo, another city in Bulgaria famous for the legendary Tsars while Bucharest, hosting the world’s second largest administrative building as well as becoming the hub for a Transylvania’s tale.

A visit to the UNESCO site, Troy in Canakkale should be a memoir for remembering the Trojan War. The journey will definitely surprise you with each city’s own unique vibes and made a great city break destinations.

Don’t forget to bring home some of the remarkable souvenirs, especially the locally made roses products from Bulgaria, the Land of Roses. Each cities offer unique mementos from the Old Town as well as the local bazaars.

Have your Balkan countries list checked by completing this journey! We carefully select among the best month to visit Balkans for you to enjoy the most of it besides thoroughly selecting comfortable 4 star hotels for your enjoyable stay.

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Whats included in this tour Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
  • International flight with economy class
  • Airport Taxes
  • Luggage limit 30kg / person
  • Accommodation at 4-star hotel with breakfast.
  • AnchorTours and meals as per stipulated in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Transport and Tour guide services.
  • Tips for tour guides and bus drivers.
Whats not included in this tour Items that are not covered in the cost of tour price.
  • Meals other than provided in the itinerary
  • Charge for over limit luggage
  • Personal charges at the hotel: (phone calls, mini bar, laundry and etc.)
  • Personal travel insurance - Customers are encouraged to take personal travel insurance. Please contact Customer Service for more information
  1. Day 1 Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul

    • Berkumpul di KLIA untuk menaiki penerbangan ke Istanbul

  2. Day 2 Istanbul - Pristina - Prizren (MT/MM)

    • Transit di Istanbul
    • Meneruskan penerbangan ke Pristina, ibu negara & bandar terbesar di Kosovo
    • Tiba di Pristina : melihat Mother Teresa Boulevard, Monument of Scanderbeg, Clock Tower, Kosovo Government Buildings, Fatih Mosque & Carshia Mosque
    • Bertolak ke Prizren dan makan tengahari
    • Daftar masuk hotel untuk beristirehat
    • Lawatan ringkas di sekitar bandar Prizren ; melawat Sinan Pasha Mosque, Stone Bridge & Turkish Bazaar
    • Makan malam, bermalam di Prizren

  3. Day 3 Prizren - Skopje - Sofia (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi dan daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Skopje, ibu kota Macedonia
    • Melihat Daut Pasha Hamam dan birth house of Mother Theresa
    • Melawat Alexander The Great Square
    • Berpeluang membeli-belah di Old Bazaar Skopje
    • Makan tengahari
    • Melawat Mustafa Pasha Mosque
    • Meneruskan perjalanan ke Sofia
    • Makan malam
    • Daftar masuk hotel dan bermalam di Sofia

  4. Day 4 Sofia - Plovdiv (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi
    • Melawat bandar Sofia, antara bandar yang tertua di Eropah
    • Melawat St. George Rotunda, Vitosha Boulevard, Serdica Ampithetre serta Banya Bashi Mosque
    • Makan tengahari
    • Bertolak ke Plovdiv
    • Lawatan ringkas di sekitar bandar Plovdiv ; melihat Roman Stadium & Roman Theatre
    • Melawat Dumanya Mosque & Old Town Plovdiv
    • Makan malam, bermalam di Plovdiv

  5. Day 5 Plovdiv - Veliko Tarnovo - Bucharest (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi dan daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Bucharest, ibu kota Romania
    • Singgah di Veliko Tarnovo atau juga dikenali sebagai "The City of Tsars" untuk melihat Tsaverets Fortress yang dibina pada abad ke-12
    • Melawat Samovodene Artisans Street dan rasai pengalaman seolah-olah berada pada abad ke-12
    • Makan tengahari
    • Menyambung perjalanan ke Bucharest
    • Tiba di Bucharest, makan malam
    • Daftar masuk hotel dan bermalam di Bucharest

  6. Day 6 Bucharest (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi
    • Melawat Village Museum, merupakan salah satu muzium terbuka (open-air museum) yang terbesar dan mengagumkan di Eropah yang menayangkan cara hidup traditional penduduk Romania
    • Makan tengahari
    • Melihat bangunan pentadbiran yang paling mahal di dunia, Palace of Parliament dari Constitution Square
    • Melalui Revolution Square, titik pengakhiran era komunis pada Disember 1989
    • Melalui University Square, Romana Square, Victory Square, Arch of Triumph, House of The Free press dan Romanian Atheneum
    • Makan malam
    • Kembali ke hotel dan bermalam di Bucharest

  7. Day 7 Bucharest (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi
    • Bertolak ke Bran untuk melawat Bran Castle, istana yang cukup terkenal dengan mitos Drakula 
    • Makan tengahari
    • Melawat sekitar bandar Brasov
    • Makan malam, bermalam di Bucharest

  8. Day 8 Bucharest - Varna (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi, daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Varna, Bulgaria
    • Melalui Cathedral of Assumption, Aziziye Mosque, Sea Garden & Golden Sands Beach
    • Melawat Roman Baths yang terbesar di rantau Balkan
    • Makan tengahari
    • Aktiviti bebas untuk membeli-belah 
    • Makan malam
    • Daftar masuk hotel dan bermalam di Varna

  9. Day 9 Varna - Kirklareli - Edirne (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi dan daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Kirklareli
    • Makan tengahari
    • Sambung perjalanan ke Edirne
    • Melawat Selimiye Mosque
    • Aktiviti bebas untuk membeli-belah di sekitar Edirne
    • Makan malam dan daftar masuk hotel
    • Bermalam di Edirne

  10. Day 10 Edirne - Gallipoli - Canakkale (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi dan daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Gallipoli, yang terkenal dengan perang Gallipoli antara British, French serta kesatuan ANZAC untuk merebut  laluan perdagangan utama semasa Perang Dunia Pertama
    • Melalui ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine Australian Memorial serta terowong perang Johnston Jolly
    • Melawat Ottoman Army Heroes Tomb untuk mendalami sejara peperangan Perang Dunia Pertama berkaitan tentera Uthmaniyyah
    • Makan tengahari
    • Bertolak ke Canakkale
    • Melawat Trojan Ruins untuk mendekati sejarah bandar lama Troy
    • Makan malam, daftar masuk hotel dan bermalam di Canakkale

  11. Day 11 Canakkale - Istanbul (SP/MT/MM)

    • Sarapan pagi, daftar keluar hotel
    • Bertolak ke Istanbul
    • Melawat ke pusat penghasilan barangan kulit terkenal di Istanbul, Kircilar Leather Factory
    • Makan tengahari
    • Aktiviti bebas sehingga makan malam
    • Pilihan lawatan tambahan :
      • Membeli-belah di Grand Bazaar
      • Bosphorus Cruise USD 60
    • Makan malam
    • Dihantar ke lapangan terbang Istanbul untuk menaiki penerbangan ke Kuala Lumpur

  12. Day 12 Istanbul - Kuala Lumpur

    • Menaiki penerbangan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur
    • Selamat tiba di Kuala Lumpur

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Flight Itinerary
Day Type Flight Code Time From To Fleet Seat Setting
1 Pergi TK 61 2315 - 0515 Kuala Lumpur Istanbul Airbus A330-300 2-4-2
2 Pergi TK 1017 0750 - 0830 Istanbul Prishtina Boeing 737-800 3-3
12 Balik TK 60 0115 - 1655 Istanbul Kuala Lumpur Airbus A330-300 2-4-2

Peluang upgrade Business Class dengan tambahan serendah RM6,200!

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  • Itinerary, prices and flight details of package are subject to change and based on current conditions.
  • Any outdoor or nature tour is weather dependant. In case of cancellation or inconvenience due to bad weather, POTO Travel reserve the right to change the itinerary whereas necessary. No refund will be allocated in such case.
  • Participants are advised to read the TERMS & CONDITIONS thoroughly before purchasing this package.
  • The proposed optional tours listed are time and weather dependant (if any). The rate also subject to change depending on minimum number of participants.
  • Due to regulations, coach has to be park at the designated area and can’t simply do the drop off or pick up. Hence, participants need to walk for some distance whereas necessary.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring along proper comfortable shoes & clothes due to the nature of this tour in which involving a lot of walks.
  • This Special Promotion is valid for limited period only and subject to change without prior notice. It is not valid to any other special promotion, if applicable.


  • Kindly refer to our staff before purchasing any domestic flight.
  • Any request for upgrade or special handling must be informed upon booking.
  • Kindly contact our staff for infant’s fare and total charges.
  • Shall the group booking have been closed or fully-materialized, any additional request afterwards will be subject to the seat availability and current airfare. Participants are responsible for the fare difference should they agreed to proceed and full payment to be collected upon confirmation.
  • For packages involving any domestic or regional flight, cruise or train, preliminary booking will be made should the group reach minimum number of pax. Upon confirming or issuing the tickets, any additional request afterward will be subject to the availability and current fare. Participants are responsible for the fare difference should they agreed to proceed and full payment to be collected upon confirmation.


  • Most hotels do not provide kettle and ironing as in-room facilities.
  • Not all rooms can provide triple room, hence, the price for third person will be the same as double sharing and rollaway bed or extra bed will be given in such case.
  • Not all hotels providing the double room (1 queen bed). If none, twin sharing room (2 single beds) will be provided.
  • If there is no availability in the chosen hotel, POTO Travel & Tours has the right to change the location of stay with similar level of hotel.


  • Breakfast is based on international buffet style. Participants are advised to only consume non-meaty dishes, otherwise stated as halal.
  • Lunch & dinner will be based on halal meals, Muslim friendly, seafood or vegetarian depending on locations and availability, if included in the package.
  • Any special dietary requirement must be informed upon booking.


  • International passport should be valid at least for 6 months from the date of returning back to Malaysia.
  • Participants are required to fax/email/post their copy passport 45 days before the departure date.
  • Participants are encouraged to check their travelling status at the immigration portal and not blacklisted from travelling (PTPTN, MARA, Tax etc). Any restriction of travelling on the day of departure will be under the responsibility of participants itself and any additional cost will be borne solely by the participants.
  • Detailed information of the package will be provided as early as 2 months before departure for easy reference. Participants are obliged to read and understand all documents provided as to ensure smoothness of the program.


  • Participants are advised to book at the latest by 45 days before departure date.
  • If the preferred departure date had been remarked as ‘FULL’, it is means that either the allocation is already fulfilled or the group already been closed for booking. In such case, if participants insist to travel on the same date, we will advise based on FIT ticket and subject to fare difference.
  • If the preferred departure date had been remarked as ‘LIMITED’, it is means that the group has limited number of seats available for booking. Kindly contact our staff immediately as to avoid missing the chance of travelling to your preferred destination and date.
  • Participants are encouraged to tip our Tour Leader, given that the Tour Leader had done an excellent job throughout the tour and the participants are satisfied with overall service delivered.
  • POTO Travel & Tours reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.


  • This package is NOT SUITABLE for wheelchair users due to the tour condition and lack of proper disabled facilities.

Dates & Price

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