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fruit AUCKLAND   4H 3M   Halfboard   Private   RM4,299  
Premium Gold BALI   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private   RM 959    
dolphin BALI DOLPHIN   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private   RM 878 3 TO GO  
Premium Gold BANDUNG   4D 3N   Halfboard   Private     
Premium Silver BANDUNG   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold BANGKOK   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private   RM 1,277    
Premium Silver BANGKOK   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private   RM 1,039    
Premium Silver BANGKOK & PATTAYA   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private   RM 1,060    
Premium Gold BANGKOK PATTAYA   4H 3M   Fullboard   Private   RM 1,288    
libur BARCELONA   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Gold CAIRO   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver CAIRO   4D 3N   Halfboard   Private     
Premium Gold CHIANGMAI CHIANGRAI   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver CHIANGMAI CHIANGRAI   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold CHRISTCHURCH   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
libur DUBAI   3D 2N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
Premium Silver DUBAI   3D 2N   Halfboard   SIC   RM 999    
Premium Silver DUBAI + ABU DHABI   5D 4N   Halfboard   SIC   RM 1,599    
Premium Silver DUBAI THEME PARK COMBO   5D 4N   Halfboard   SIC   RM 3,199    
Premium Silver DUBAI THEME PARK, IMG WORLD   4D 3N   Halfboard   SIC   RM 1,899    
Premium Silver GENEVA + GSTAAD   5D 4N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
libur GOLD COAST   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Silver GOLD COAST   5D 4N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
Premium Gold GOLD COAST   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Private     
libur HONG KONG   3D 2N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Silver HONG KONG DISNEYLAND   4D 2N+1N   Breakfast Only   SIC   RM 1,488    
Premium Silver INTERLAKEN + ZERMATT   6D 5N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
Premium Gold IRAN   5D 4N   Halfboard   Private   RM 3,899 (4 TO GO)    
Premium Gold ISTANBUL   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold ISTANBUL + ANTALYA   6D 5N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold ISTANBUL + CAPPADOCIA   6D 5N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver JAKARTA   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold JAKARTA BANDUNG   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver JAKARTA BANDUNG   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
libur LONDON   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Gold MEDAN   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver MEDAN   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold MELBOURNE   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Private     
Premium Silver MELBOURNE   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
fruit MELBOURNE   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Private   RM 2,772  
libur MELBOURNE   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Gold PADANG BUKIT TINGGI   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver PADANG BUKIT TINGGI   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
libur PARIS   4H 3M   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy   RM 1,899    
Premium Silver PERTH   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
Premium Gold PERTH   4D 3N   Halfboard   Private     
Premium Gold QUANG BINH + DANANG   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Private     
fruit QUEENSTOWN   4H 3M   Halfboard   Private   RM 2,968  
Premium Gold QUEENSTOWN   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver SAIGON   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Gold SAIGON   4D 3N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver SEOUL + NAMI ISLAND   5D 4N   Fullboard   SIC   RM2,145 (4 TO GO)    
sakura SEOUL SAKURA   5D 4N   Halfboard   SIC   RM 1,788    
libur SINGAPORE   2H1M   0   Free & Easy   RM 298  
Premium Gold SYDNEY   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Private     
libur SYDNEY   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy     
Premium Silver SYDNEY   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   SIC     
Premium Gold TAIPEI   5D 4N   Fullboard   Private     
Premium Silver THE BEST OF SINGAPORE   3D 2N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy   RM 1288    
Premium Silver TOKYO+MT.FUJI   4D 3N   Halfboard   SIC     
Premium Gold TOKYO+MT.FUJI   4D 3N   Halfboard   Private     
libur VENICE   4D 3N   Breakfast Only   Free & Easy